- A Fine Quality Japanese Atmosphere of a Hideaway in Roppongi -

Shabu Shabu & Sushi Specialty Restaurant 'Hassan'

A shabu shabu and sushi restaurant with an innovative style where you can select all-you-can-eat format or a la carte course depending on your mood and the purpose of your visit.
It is a fine quality authentic Japanese atmosphere unforeseen till this day, a place chosen by a wide range of customers in Roppongi from young to senior guests, business people to couples, as well as foreign visitors on a sightseeing trip.
Equipped with private booths in multiple styles in order to provide you with comfort.
Calmness and relaxation, it is a restaurant wherein you can satisfy all of your five senses.

- Sukiya MODERN -

An internationally 'Japanese Modern' restaurant enclosing a Sukiya style corridor

Just a step away from the bustle of Roppongi is a spread of Japanese ambience on a scale of 430 square meter.
It is neither a simply modern space nor an overtly complex one;
the feature of this restaurant is the Sukiya style interior, a traditional Japanese beauty with a modern twist.
The exterior is a refined Edo-style black panelled fence, and upon descending the staircase with the guidance of an indirectly piercing light, you will reach a spacious entrance hallway.
The luxurious ambience of the arrangement of the hallway, courtyard, corridor, craftsmanship, shading and authentic materials is an ambience that provides a genuine omotenashi not only to Japanese customers but to guests from abroad as well.

Please enjoy black wagyu beef shabu shabu, sushi, and Tempura as much as you'd like

We have prepared a course where you can eat black wagyu beef shabu shabu, sushi, and Tempura as much as you'd like. We provide only the most exclusively selected black wagyu beef, and we offer 3 types of beef at all times based on menu types. Our sushi is crafted primarily using seasonal ingredients by trained chefs for each individual order and as with our tempura, the sushi menu changes each season.
Whether during spring, summer, fall or winter, please enjoy our sumptuous selection of ingredients representative of Japan.

We propose you a new dining style in a table seating private booth

Located just 2-minute walk away from Roppongi station, we are accommodated with 9 private booths both big and small with tables.
The reason behind us choosing table seatings instead of a tatami style rooms stems from our wish for our business guests and visitors from abroad to relax with the comfort of their shoes on.
"A fine quality private space + eat what you'd like as much as you'd like"
Please indulge in a new dining experience brought to you by Hassan in Roppongi established since 1979.